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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chavez visits Ahmadinejad

Neal Cavuto at Fox News wonders about Venezuela's leader, Hugo Chavez, plans to visit with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It certainly appears that Chavez is moving away from the United States rapidly and aligning himself with the "Axis of Evil." Cavuto asks, "With this latest development, Chavez is becoming a world threat powered by Venezuela’s vast oil supplies?"

The close link between Chavez and Iran should not come at a surprise. In a La Nueva Cuba news article several months ago Financial Crimes consultant Kenneth Rijock claimed of a possible Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran, and Chavez government connection. Rijock claims that Iran has plans to ship missiles to Chavez in oil tankers so as not to be suspected. Chavez may then transfer the missiles to Cuba.

Privately, Rijock told me that Isla Margarita, a semi desert island just off the coast of Venezuela, is home to Venezuela's Hezbollah contingent, Lebanese - Venezuelans. Rijock believes that when foreign agents enter Isla Margarita, they sometimes take up temporary residence in Cuba. Hezbollah has a significant increase and influence in South America as discussed by Jeffrey Goldberg, reporter-at-large for The New Yorker magazine who wrote did an interesting 2 - part article, "IN THE PARTY OF GOD."

It seems logical to this blogger that Chavez may also be forming an alliance with the Hezbollah operatives in South America. You may want to read about Hezbollah operations in Lebanon, South America, and their aspirations in regards to the United States:
There is a lot more to Chavez than meets the eye. Perhaps he is on a collision course with the United States.

This blogger will not miss Neal Cavuto's show this evening and listen to Cavuto's discussions about Chavez and the impact of Chavez' aspiring ambitions for his Bolivarian elite socialist party.

Despite recent political tensions with the United States, Venezuela, the world's No. 5 oil exporter, has remained a key supplier of crude to the US market. Most Venezuela-watchers have predicted for the past several months that Chavez was moving his country toward a command economy on the Cuban model. Low and behold last week Chavez and a close Castro ally, promoted moderate Mercosur as an alliance to counter U.S.-backed free-trade deals being promoted by Washington in the region.

It seems like Chavez and his close Marxist ally, Castro are trying to move Mercosur to the left. Venezuela has followed Cuba and is transforming into a radial government before our vary eyes.

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