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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Are Iranian soldiers firing Katyushas into Israel??

According to an article in the World Net Daily (WND), Iranian Revolutionary Guard Units reportedly stationed in Lebanon fired many of the Hezbollah missiles that have slammed into the Jewish state the past few days. WND cites "multiple sources."
Over 150 Katyusha rockets have bombarded northern Israeli towns since Israel started retaliating inside Lebanon this past Wednesday following a Hezbollah raid in which two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and three soldiers were killed.

The major port city of Haifa, Israel's third largest population center, was struck Thursday night, marking the furthest a Hezbollah rocket ever traveled inside Israel and placing over 2 million residents toward the north of the country within rocket range.

Israeli security officials told WND today they have "concrete information" Iranian soldiers stationed at Hezbollah positions in Lebanon have aided in efforts to fire missiles into Israel since Wednesday.

Jordanian officials told WND they are "100 percent sure" Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit soldiers have fired rockets into Israel. They also said the Syrian army has provided Hezbollah with intelligence information on the locations of strategic Israeli targets to aid in Hezbollah rocket fire. Source: World Net Daily
This escalation of terror by the islamofacists and quite possibly Iran is a significant development.
Contrary to the liberal and dhimmis agenda, we are ALL THREATENED by the developments in the Middle East islamofacism ambitions. Quote: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, ACLJ
We must stand united in our resolve in the war on terror.

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