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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Terry Jones, Asshat or OK

Infidels are now  in serious peril now because Terry Jones burns Koran
Florida preacher Terry Jones burns Koran in bizarre 'trial and execution' in front of a crowd of ... 30 people
Mail Online

No doubt things are far more dangerous for the troops in Afghanistan today than they were a week ago.
An apologist and/or an appeaser, a do gooder, a good liberal, a misunderstander, and some who do not have a clue would defend the undefendable... terry was simply a tool used by misunderstanders of islam to whip up simmering rage... someone drawing cartoons of the prophet muhammad (pbuh) would invoke the same response...

Should Terry Jones have been more discrete about burning a qur'an, yes he should.... is Terry an asshole, no... is he insensitve, yes.... as far as putting any infidel in harms way, just being an unbeliever is enough to upset a radical Muhammadan..

Ask Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Jack Hensley, Eugene Armstrong, Paul Johnson.  Ask other victims of radial islam rage, Turks, Egyptians, a Korean, Bulgarians, a British businessman, and Nepalese.  Ask scores of unbelievers and Apostates who have also fallen victim to Islamist terrorists' knives.  Ask Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh.

Oh, that is kind of hard because all were killed, gunned down, and/or mutilated at some asinine muslim rage fest......
Terry is a tool and not the cause.....  In other words, some do not have a clue what "they" are talking about....