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Friday, April 28, 2006

MEMRI: Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization Head Reveals Details About Iran's Nuclear Project

Special Dispatch - Iran/ Jihad & Terrorism Studies Project
April 28, 2006
No. 1151

Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization Head Reveals Details About Iran's Nuclear Project

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML, visit: Iran Nuclear Program .

The following are excerpts from an interview with Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization head Gholam-Reza Aghazadeh, which aired on Iranian Channel 2 on April 13, 2006. It is followed by excerpts from a speech by Aghazadeh which aired on IRINN on April 11, 2006.


Aghazadeh (Channel 2 on 4/13/2006): "In the early stages of our work we realized that our centrifuges had many malfunctions. We could not determine the reason, because there were no references or books we could consult to solve this. After considerable effort, we noticed that when our experts assembled the centrifuges, they did not wear cloth gloves. We realized that if you assemble the centrifuges with bare hands, a little bit of sweat from between the fingers may transfer to the rotor, and increase the mass. When the rotor spins, it becomes a problem, which completely unbalances the centrifuge, causing it to explode. When I say that it explodes, it doesn't merely explode, but turns to powder."

Interviewer: "With the high speed rotation..."

Aghazadeh: "Yes."


"As for the centrifuges we possess, 48,000 such centrifuges can supply 30 tons of enriched uranium. As for more advanced machines - we indeed have plans to develop such machines. Having the advanced type of centrifuges and the new technology enables one to multiply production."

Interviewer: "If the enrichment is only 3.5% to 5% - which is permitted according to the NPT - why are the Americans concerned that Iran has reached this level, saying it may reach enrichment of a higher percentage?"

Aghazadeh: "This has a dual use... Since this is the same technology... Let me explain this. The simple way is to inject 0.7% [uranium] and obtain 3.5%, right? Now, if you take this 3.5% and inject it again into the chain (of centrifuges), the result will be 20%. If you inject the 20% back into the chain, the result will be 60%. If you inject this 60%, the result will be 90%. This process has a dual use."


Aghazadeh (IRINN on 4/11/2006): "In the framework of the development of Iran's nuclear power plants, Iranian experts have begun to plan a 360 MW nuclear power plant. During this year, they will issue an international tender for the construction of two additional units, with a capacity of 1,000 MW each. Iran's growing need for various radioactive medicines for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment, and its need for radioactive isotopes for industrial and research use, and the restrictions Iran encountered when it tried to obtain these isotopes from sources outside the country, have led Iran's senior officials to a resolute decision: to establish a new nuclear research facility to replace the old one [in Tehran]. This will be a heavy water facility with a capacity of 40 MW. This type of reactor is called RR-40 and it will be operational, God willing, in the beginning of 2009."


"I am proud to announce that 110 tons of UF6 have already been manufactured at the [UCF] facilities."


"The heavy water production project involves some of the most complex technology known today. Only a few countries have the ability to produce heavy water. This project is currently in its initial stages. We have begun the initial accumulation of heavy water, and the eventual output of this important project will be 16 tons of heavy water annually."

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle East. Copies of articles and documents cited, as well as background information, are available on request.

MEMRI holds copyrights on all translations. Materials may only be used with proper attribution.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
P.O. Box 27837, Washington, DC 20038-7837
Phone: (202) 955-9070
Fax: (202) 955-9077
Search previous MEMRI publications at MEMRI

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Ingraham Interviews Secretary Rumsfeld

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld

April 28, 2006

Radio Interview with Secretary Rumsfeld on the Laura Ingraham Show
INGRAHAM: Joining us now - delighted to talk to him again - the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld just back from Iraq, where he was with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Historic times in Iraq; after finally moving forward toward a unified government there.

Mr. Secretary, it's good to have you with us.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: Well, thank you and congratulations on your fifth anniversary of your show and your top ratings.

INGRAHAM: Well, we're happy to still be alive. A lot of people were predicting we'd be off the air in a few months, so that's -- They're predicting your demise all the time too, Mr. Secretary, so we're in the same boat.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: [Laughter]. There you go.

INGRAHAM: First of all, tell us, there seemed to be an extra sense of optimism coming from the delegation that was over there, both you and the Secretary of State, on this most recent trip. Why the optimism, given the fact that we're still seeing so much of these reprisal killings on the streets and obviously militia still active.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: It is an historic event for the Iraqi people to vote and then for a new government to be formed with the top seven officials announced. The meetings we had with them could not have been better. One listens to their comments and you can't help but come away encouraged that they understand the importance of having a unified government; of governing from the center; of having non-sectarian ministers administer the government on behalf of the Iraqi people. The recent remarks by Sistani against militias and the government's announcement that they intend to address the militia issue. It is clearly an encouraging time in Iraq and it's important that it be noted.

INGRAHAM: What happened with the Iraqi media coverage of all of this? I'm always curious about how they're covering these events. We understand where the American media often is coming from and their focus, we don't even have to belabor that, but what about the way they're sending the message to their own people?

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: I asked that question and I came away with the impression that they have been handling it very directly. We had a rather lengthy and interesting press roundtable - Condi Rice and I did - with the Iraqi media. Their questions were thoughtful and substantive and had dimension to them, in contrast to some of the questions we hear elsewhere.

INGRAHAM: And how many of the American reporters were actually with you this entire time? How many people did you have with you?

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: Goodness, I don't have any idea. I'm going to guess we must have had six or eight with us and Condi Rice certainly had a large number with her. Then there's a population of American media in Baghdad itself.

INGRAHAM: One thing that struck me is when you had all the historic happenings in Iraq over the past week, some of the focus, oddly, especially in the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler's piece, he focused on how, he said "Rice and Rumsfeld often seemed in separate orbits and the visit had little of the warmth of the earlier one." It described your styles, the differences, as "sometimes very jarring."

What do you make of that? Are you and Condoleezza Rice on the outs or something?

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: Oh, absolutely not. What nonsense. It's just fairly typical Washington Post stuff.

INGRAHAM: One of the things that struck me was a comment made by the brother of one of the former government officials who was killed recently in Iraq. And, he made a comment basically saying, look, my life is not important any more. The lives of Iraqis, if I can do something good for all of them, I will not hesitate at all. It's that kind of bravery and that kind of courage I think that unfortunately gets under-reported in our media all too often.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: You're exactly right. These people do live in a violent nation at a violent time and by accepting leadership responsibilities they put themselves at risk and their families at risk and it does take a lot of courage and a lot of conviction and desire to see this effort succeed.

Condi and I both came away from the visit confident that the Iraqi people are going to succeed. I must say we were - to the extent that she was focused on the embassy, understandably, and I was focused on the Iraqi security forces and the military forces we have there - we spent a good deal of time together but we also spent a good deal of time working on our respective areas of concern. In each case we came away very confident that terrific progress is being made.

I met with the advisors to the Ministry of Interior and the Iraqi Minister of Defense and the progress they're making there is notably faster and better than I had appreciated from Washington.

INGRAHAM: What was the new Prime Minister like as a man and as someone who has such a tough task ahead of reigning in the sectarian violence and the insurgent activity and also restoring basic services?

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: Well, I spent I suppose, several hours with him. We had a meeting and then we had dinner and spent a good deal of time talking. In some instances we were talking alone with him. In other instances we were talking in front of the people who had been his competitors and who represented different elements of the Iraqi government so we could watch him in both settings. He clearly is a person of conviction and determination. He has views. He speaks directly. And I think that he appears to me at least at this early stage to have the kind of strength and fiber that it's going to take to lead a country during a tough time in the history of that nation.

INGRAHAM: And Condoleezza Rice yesterday did something to calm the fears of some of the European leaders about using European bases to launch any military strikes against Iran. Can you tell us anything about that? A lot has been written about the convenience of having bases, air bases inside Iraq for any possible military action that we would have to launch.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: I have not seen what she said, I'm not aware of it. But we've not had any discussions with the prior governments or the new governments with respect to any longer term bases there. The bases we have we've been systematically turning over to the Iraqi security forces. We've not initiated any discussions yet with the new Iraqi government on that subject and certainly wouldn't until such time as they form their government completely and selected their ministers and raised the issue with us - which they haven't.

INGRAHAM: Mr. Secretary, we're glad you made the trip and the fact that Muqtada al-Sadr said it was a flagrant interference in Iraqi affairs, means you must have done something right.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: [Laughter]. Did he really?

INGRAHAM: Yeah, he did say that. He was meeting with Maliki yesterday and he said that. He wanted to give you a little goodbye as you were winging your way back to the United States.


INGRAHAM: Mr. Secretary, we appreciate you joining us and I know this continues to be a very difficult time for the people of Iraq, and our military which is working so hard, and they all appreciate it when our leaders go and visit them so we appreciate the fact that you went there.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: Thank you very much. The military's doing a superb job over there, God bless each one of them.

INGRAHAM: All right, you take good care, and we'll talk to you soon I hope.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: Good. Thank you so much. Bye.

INGRAHAM: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on the Laura Ingraham Show.


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al-Qaeda and nukes

According to a World Net daily article, Al-Qaeda has already obtained nuclear suitcase weapons from the Russian black market. Experts believe that weapons were tested in Afghanistan in 2000, and they may have already been forward-deployed inside the U.S., according to the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the wake of Sept. 11. The journalist believes that an "American Hiroshima" will occur as soon as the U.S. launches an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Read the latest now on World Net Daily: Suitcase Nukes

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Navy to Base First Four Littoral Combat Ships in San Diego

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
News Release
On the Web: Defense Link News Releases - 2006
Public contact: DoD Military Questions and Comments

April 27, 2006


Navy to Base First Four Littoral Combat Ships in San Diego

The Navy announced today that the first four Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) will be homeported at Naval Station San Diego, Calif.

Key in the success of implementing these new concepts is the ability to collocate these ships to achieve readiness alignment and economy of scale. This collocation is especially important for the first ships in the class as waterfront facilities, infrastructure, training and maintenance efficiencies are developed. San Diego was chosen as the initial homeport because of the Navy’s increased emphasis on the Pacific theater based on the Quadrennial Defense Review.

“Homeporting the first four ships in San Diego will enable us to establish synergy between the ships and with local commands,” said Vice Adm. Terry Etnyre, commander, Naval Surface Forces, based in Coronado, Calif. “With the Undersea Warfare Command here in San Diego and the Mine Warfare Command moving here soon, the undersea warfare and mine warfare mission packages will have direct coordination and representation locally.”

LCS will carry some core capabilities, such as self-defense and command and control; but its true war-fighting capability will come from its innovative and tailored mission modules. These ships will be configured for one mission package at a time, consisting of modules, manned aircraft, unmanned vehicles, off-board sensors, and mission-manning detachments. This will operate within open-systems architecture giving it the capability to reconfigure mission modules and ship systems to tailor it for specific warfighting missions.

The Littoral Combat Ships are the first Navy vessels to separate capability from hull form and provide a robust, affordable, mission-focused warship designed to provide assured access for our joint forces. LCS will have the size, speed, endurance, and connectivity to deploy as a member of carrier strike groups, expeditionary strike groups or surface strike groups.

The innovative concepts in LCS do not end with its modularity. LCS will operate with a quarter of the crew normally assigned to ships this size through a combination of technology and process improvements for maintenance, logistics, training and administration.

The keel for the first Littoral Combat Ship, to be named USS Freedom (LCS 1), was laid on June 3, 2005 and the second, to be named USS Independence (LCS 2), on Jan. 19, 2006.

For more information regarding the Littoral Combat Ship concept, visit the LCS website at
Peoships Crane - LCS


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Iran Threatnes to Strike at US targets if attacked

Iran threatens to strike at US targets if attacked

Rueters, Apr 26 5:39 PM US/Eastern"The Americans should know that if they assault Iran their interests will be harmed anywhere in the world that is possible," he was quoted as saying by a state television announcer. Link to the rest of the rant: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Threatens

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hamid Hyat Found Guilty in Lodi Terror Trial

Re-posted with permission from Stop the ACLU

Hamid Hayat Found Guilty In Lodi Terror Trial
by Jay on 04-25-06 @ 7:03 pm
Filed at Stop the ACLU under ACLU, War On Terror, News.

A twist in the trial, as the father Umer Hayat gets a mistrial, his son Hamid Hayat is found guilty.

Hamid Hayat, the 23-year-old Lodi man on trial for terrorist-related activities in Sacramento federal court, was found guilty Tuesday, just hours after U.S. District Court Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. declared a mistrial was declared in the related trial of his father, Umer Hayat, because the jury was deadlocked. Umer Hayat was accused of lying to the FBI to cover up for his son, Hamid. Hamid Hayat was found guilty of providing material support to terrorists by allegedly attending an al-Qaeda camp while visiting Pakistan in 2003 and three counts of lying about it. Hamid faces up to 39 years in prison if convicted of all charges against him.

Read additional information compliments of Reuters: California Terrorism Case; Son found guilty while his father's ends in a mistrial .

Slideshow compliments of Yahoo News: Calif. Father, Son Terror Suspects.

By the way, this admitted terror supporter was defended by CAIR and ACLU.

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Fmr. Sen. Graham: Iran Strikes Could Trigger World War

Fmr. Sen. Graham: Iran Strikes Could Trigger World War

In an exclusive interview with Timmerman, former Senator Bob Graham says the U.S. faces difficult choices with Iran's nuclear program fast developing. He warns U.S. military strikes on Iran could trigger World War III. Read More Go Here Now

Additional news links

Iran/Antisemitism Documentation Project

Special Dispatch - Iran/Antisemitism Documentation Project
April 26, 2006
No. 1148

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Elaborates on His Plan for the Jews to Leave Israel and Return to Germany and Austria

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML, visit: Plan for Jews .

The following are excerpts from a speech by Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that aired on Iranian News Channel (IRINN) on April 24, 2006.

TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: "The greatest problem from which humanity suffers today, the main problem facing the countries of the Middle East, is the continuation of the processes that took place during World War II."


"Let's assume certain things did happen [in World War II]. Why should the people of the Middle East, for over 60 years, be paying for it under this pretext?"


"The same people who claim to have saved humanity, and to have prevented further massacre in World War II, and who avenged the victims of that war - why have they killed over 100,000 innocent people in 60 years?"


"Why do they grieve over some of the victims only? Let's assume that the [Holocaust] was true - who should be punished for this? This is a serious question facing contemporary humanity."


"Although they claim that their hearts bleed for the Jews, during World War II and following it they caused the widespread phenomenon of anti-Judaism in two or three European countries. If you support the Jews - how do you explain this anti-Judaism? Why did you turn Europe in its entirety into a place unsafe for the Jews? Could there possibly be any other reason than creating unsafe conditions for the Jews, so that they would flee and find shelter in Palestine?

"Why do you think they are safe in Palestine? These people, who left their homelands as a result of your pressure and anti-Judaism, went to a country that did not belong to them. Different minorities from different countries came to live side by side, just like pieces of paper joined together with a paper clip. They live in an atmosphere of insecurity on a daily basis. I've said this once, and I'll say it again: Open the gates of this big prison. Allow these people to decide freely, and you will see that they will return to their homelands. Of course, you must first let go of your anti-Judaism. You must let go of it. We believe that just like the rest of mankind, the Jews have the right to live a life of prosperity, freedom, and security. Set them free, and let them return to their homelands."


"Now allow me to say a few words to the people of Germany and Austria. Look at the atmosphere in the world today. See how those who purport to promote human rights and democracy actually want to run the world. Sixty years ago a war took place, and 60 million people were killed by both sides. If we had any power in those days, we would have prevented this carnage. To the best of our ability we would not have allowed such a massacre. Sixty years have passed since that war, and the people of Palestine are still paying the price for a war in which they did not participate. The people of today's Germany are paying reparation for a war in which they themselves did not participate.

"My question is the following: Let's assume that 60 years ago a certain regime in Germany started a certain war, and certain crimes were committed. Three generations later - what is the fault of the current German generation that it must be so humiliated? Why can't it play an independent role in international relations? They are constantly being reminded that their parents were criminals. Monuments are built there. All countries build monuments for things that they are proud of, and when tourists come, they show them these monuments. Over there, they build monuments, and every German who passes by a park is constantly reminded: 'Look, you are the son of criminals, and you must be humiliated.'"


"In culture, science, and international politics, Germany should have a prominent standing. But 60 years later, they are still held prisoner by a handful of people, who themselves had planned all the events of that era. Now they say that no one is allowed to talk about or research this event. Why not research it?"


"Why should a small handful of people ignite the entire world, merely in order to fill their pockets? Why? We are against this method of running the world, and we say this clearly. I am declaring clearly that I am against the policies of the U.S. and England in running the world. And by the way, I support peace and quiet, and I am a very peace-loving man.

"How come whenever someone criticizes you or exposes your mistakes, you attack him through the media that you finance, and portray him as a criminal? Wrong! Ahmadinejad is a schoolteacher and a very peace-loving man. To this day, I have never harmed an ant in my life. Allah willing, I will never harm any living or inanimate object."

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle East. Copies of articles and documents cited, as well as background information, are available on request.

MEMRI holds copyrights on all translations. Materials may only be used with proper attribution.
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
P.O. Box 27837, Washington, DC 20038-7837
Phone: (202) 955-9070
Fax: (202) 955-9077
Search previous MEMRI publications at

Monday, April 24, 2006

Chavez - Ortega alliance

Chavez backs former US foe in Nicaragua election
Mon Apr 24, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday backed the favorite to win Nicaragua's November presidential election, days after Washington warned the country not to vote for its former cold war foe. Full Article

Bosun's analysis: Let’s get the facts strait. America has become complacent in our western hemisphere. We saw how Clinton Administration's falling asleep at the wheel on terrorism got us into the present situation with al-Qaeda. It seems like each administration develops a sleeping disorder on important issues. The American people have also grown weary at remaining situationally aware. It appears that we have fallen asleep to Nicaragua's Creeping Coup and other problems in the Americas. North Americans falsely assumed that Daniel Ortega's Marxist Dictatorship political career ended 15 years ago. Suprise, Suprise!!

America has not done a good job shoring up free democracy in Central and South America. And, we are probably going to pay the price for it again. With the lunatic jackass lefti dictator, Chavez, firmly in place in Venezuela and raising the ante with his trade agreements with North Korea and Iran, his buddy, Ortega, is also planning a comeback.

Thanks to the weakness of Nicaragua's democratic government (and America not helping the people of Nicaragua) Daniel Ortega is close to regaining power and broadening the Latin alliance of undemocratic states; Cuba and Venezuela.

Could it be that our State Department and the mindset of America Congress, the Administration, and others in the Americas take for granted our southern neighbors? Do we devote more diplomatic attention to the world community that our own backyard?

Perhaps we should soul search our foreign policy and take an objective look at what is going on in the Americas. I am not sure it is too late, but, our Latin neighbors will remember what we have and have not done for them. We must follow through on commitments.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

al-Jazeera releases transcript of bin Laden recording

Bin Laden: West waging a crusade

Aljazeera has aired an audiotape attributed to Osama bin Laden in which he attacks the West for boycotting Hamas and accuses Western governments of waging a "crusader war" against Islam. FULL STORY -->

Transcript: Bin Laden accuses West
Hamas distances itself from Bin Laden
Timeline: Al-Qaeda tapes

A full Arabic transcript of the audiotaped message can be read here on Aljazeera's Arabic website.

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al-Jazeera releases new bin Laden recording

Reposted with permission from Northeast Intelligence Network

Filed under: Top Stories : New Osama Bin Laden Audio Tape Released

23 April, 2006: A new Osama Bin Laden audio tape has been released, and is currently being aired on Al-Jazeera. While not officially authenticated, reports are that the tape is authentic, and created within the last four to five weeks.

During the recording bin Laden also said the Western public shared responsibility for the actions of their governments, particularly for what he called their attacks on Islam.

The main message of this tape appears to be that by cutting off its funds to Hamas, the West has proven it is "at war with Islam". Bin Laden describes a "long battle" with the west, and that the war is the responsibility of citizens, as well as governments.

More information will become available, as analysis and translation continue.

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Déjà Vu: Terrorism's strange bed-fellows

According to World Net Daily, when Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traveled to Damascus in January, he took a special guest with him on the flight from Tehran – one of the world's most wanted terrorists. Imad Mugniyah

Intelligence experts have told the London Times Ahmadinejad has recruited Imad Mugniyah, the Lebanese commander of Hezbollah's overseas operations, to oversee retaliation against Western targets if the U.S. orders a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. World Net Daily reported that Mugniyah and the Iranian President Ahmadinejad met with other leaders of Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Damascus in what has been called a "terror summit." Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas all have carried out attacks on Israel and Israelis over the years. Link to World Net Daily article, Ahmadinejad recruits Hezbollah terror chief

And, Ahmadinejad has regularly "threatened to "wipe Israel off the map."

Lets take a trip down memory lane in terrorism in the Middle East in regards to Mugniyah: Do you rememeber Mohammed Hamadi? Hamadi was serving a life sentence in Germany for the 1985 hijacking of a TWA flight 847 from Athens, Greece, to Rome. The hijacked plane landed in Beirut, Lebanon, where hijackers beat, shot and killed 23 year old United States Navy Petty Officer Stethem and dumped his body on the tarmac. Stethem was the only casualty during the hijacking ordeal, in which 39 Americans were held hostage for 17 days. Hamadi was paroled to Lebannon in November 2005, much to the dismay of the United States.

Now lets recall Mohammed's brother Abbas. Abbas, was arrested in Germany in 1987 and charged with helping to kidnap two German businessmen in a bid to use them as bargaining chips for Mohammed Hamadi's freedom. Abbas Hamadi was released in 1993 after serving half of his sentence. At the time, German news media reported, that he was let go as part of a deal between the German government and Hezbollah to release two other Germans held hostage in Lebanon. Guess who was the Hezbollah Security Chief at the time, Imad Fayex Mugniyah.

Both of the Hamadi boys are linked to Mugniyah. And it looks like the Hezbollah Security Chief has a new buddy, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Here is some background that was posted in previous artiles in The Bosun Locker about Mugniyah; a terrorist who has been active on the terrorism circuit for the past 20 years:

According to Laura Mansfield's Notebook, America's Truth Forum, there appears to be striking similarities between Mugniyah's terrorism for the past 20 years with the practices of the present-day terrorists in Iraq. It is quite possible that the Hezbollah terror syndicate in the middle east is closely related.

Mugniyah allegedly has been tied to kidnappings and bombings throughout the world over the past two decades, including the following:

▪ April 18, 1983 bombing of the United States embassy in Beirut, which killed 63
people including 17 Americans
▪ October 23, 1983 simultaneous truck bombings against the French paratroopers and US Marine killing 58 French soldiers and 241 Marines.
▪ September 20, 1984, he attacked the US embassy annex building and is believed to have killed William Buckley, the CIA station chief in Beirut
▪ Linked to the numerous kidnappings of Westerners in Beirut through the 1980s – some were killed, some by beheading, and a few were eventually released.
▪ Orchestrated the 2000 abductions of three Israeli soldiers in the southern part of Lebanon
▪ Abduction of Israeli Colonel Elchanan Tenenbaum.

And he has been active in the western hemisphere, too.

▪ March 17, 1992 bombings of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina, which killed 29
▪ July 1994 bombing of the AMIA cultural building in in Buenos Aires Argentina, killing 86 people Source: Laura Mansfield

It would be fair to say that these terrorists are brothers for the cause and may be part of a larger crime and terror synidcate. There is still so much intrigue in the Middle East, who knows who is doing what to whom over there. The real kicker to the Hezbollah and radicalized islam story is that they are also established in South America.

In 2002, Jeffrey Goldberg, reporter-at-large for The New Yorker magazine did an interesting 2- part article, "IN THE PARTY OF GOD" about Hezbollah operations in South America and the United States:

You gotta read these articles which provide open source information by Jeffery Goldberg who went into the bush in both the Middle East and South America where the bad guys live. Here is a brief quote from his article in The New Yorker:

"Roughly two hundred thousand people live in the Ciudad del Este region, including a substantial minority of Arab Muslims; in the Triple Frontier zone, there may be as many as thirty thousand. According to intelligence officials in the region and in Washington, this Muslim community has in its midst a hard core of terrorists, many of them associated with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group backed by the Iranian government; some with Hamas, the Palestinian fundamentalist group; and some with Al Qaeda. It is, over all, a community under the influence of extreme Islamic beliefs; intelligence officials told me that some of the Triple Frontier Arabs held celebrations on September 11th of last year and also on the anniversary this year. These officials said that Hezbollah runs weekend training camps on farms cut out of the rain forest of the Triple Frontier. In at least one of these camps, in the remote jungle terrain near Foz do Iguaçu, young adults get weapons training and children are indoctrinated in Hezbollah ideology—a mixture of anti-American and anti-Jewish views inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini.

In the Triple Frontier, Hezbollah raises money from legitimate businesses but, more frequently, from illicit activities, ranging from drug smuggling to the pirating of compact disks. Unlike the other radical Islamic groups in the Triple Frontier, Hezbollah, it is said, has the capability to commit acts of terror."

Keep in mind that Part 2 of the series takes place in South America, not the Middle East.

Now we potentially have Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traveling to Damascus in January, with a special guest, Mugniyah – one of the world's most wanted terrorists.

Be ever vigilant.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

NewsMax: Nuclear Iran

From NewsMax

According to NewsMax, Iran Completes Secret Uranium Enrichment Facility
Just when the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) thought it had its hands around the Iranian nuclear program, NewsMax has learned from intelligence sources that Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps is completing a secret, underground uranium enrichment plant that should begin operating in October 2006.

Read NewsMax Contributing Editor Kenneth Timmerman's bombshell report – information that puts Iran much closer to building a nuclear device. Read More Here.

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"Alleged" Terrorists Among Us...

Obtained with permission from Northeast Intelligence Network:

Top Stories: US : Georgia Tech Student Indicted on Terrorism Charges

The "Alleged" Terrorists Among Us...

21 April 2006: The Northeast Intelligence Network is following the case of Syed Haris AHMED, the Pakistani Georgia Tech student who was arrrested by federal authorities on March 23 on charges related to terrorism. According to developing information, AHMED, 21, who was under investigation and surveillance for the last 12-14 months, has been indicted on charges of providing “material support” to a terrorist organization. AHMED appeared before US Magistrate Joel Feldman Wednesday, pleading not guity to the charges contained in the indictment. For the complete story link to: Terrorist among us

Additional news link from Reuters via Yahoo! News:
Georgia student held on terrorism charge Friday, 21 Apr 2006 12:13 PM PDTU.S. authorities in the southern state of Georgia have charged a 21-year-old engineering student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta with supporting terrorism.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Apparently the mainstream media (MSM) has just decided to announce last month's news that litigation has forced Department of Defense (DOD) to release names of some of the war on terror detainees being held at U.S. Naval Station Guantamano Bay, Cuba (Gitmo) (Financial Times Rueters news agency). In March 2006, the DOD released 317 "unredacted" records on detainees being held at Gitmo. A press release issued by DOD dated March 6, 2006 indicated that:

The records, containing about 5,000 pages, are being released as part of an Associated Press Freedom of Information Act litigation decided in late January. A federal judge in New York ordered DOD release records of combatant status review tribunals and administrative review board summaries to the Associated Press (AP)by March 3.

Those documents were originally provided to AP, but with names and identifying information redacted for privacy reasons, as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in June 2005. "The court's ruling applies to those documents that have been provided under FOIA in June 2005," a senior official speaking on background said.

The list does not give the names of all 490 detainees being held at Gitmo. Senior defense officials said the 317 records only cover the previously released redacted documents. These will be "unredacted," and names, nationalities and other personal identifying information will be released. Other protected information -- names of American servicemembers for example -- will remain redacted, officials said.
DOD and the Bush Adminstration say the Gitmo detailees are terror suspects. However, the liberals and leftists say that they (detainees) are not terrorists, but, are innocent victims of war. The Supreme Court ruling regarding this matter is a double edged sword. DOD has provided a government website that will provide updated information on Gitmo. You can access the DOD Gitmo site throught this link: Detainee Affairs at Gitmo

Related Sites: DoD Freedom of Information Act

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chavez is getting more weird

As reported in Newsmax, Hugo Chavez the lefti dictator of Venezuela has threatened to blow up his oil fields if attacked and also is making his poor countrymen paranoid. This looney, Chavez, has been ratcheting up his anti-United States rhetoric.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday again raised the specter of U.S. designs to oust him and promised that his government will blow up his country's oil fields if the United States should ever attack. U.S. officials have repeatedly denied any military plans against Chavez, but also call him a threat to stability in the region. Link to article: Crazy Chavez threatens to blow oil fields

In addition to his paranoid rants, President Hugo Chavez constantly warnings Venezuelans that a U.S. invasion is imminent. So, now he's begun training a civilian militia as well as the Venezuelan army to resist in the only way possible against a much better-equipped force: By taking to the hills and fighting a guerrilla war. Guess looney Hugo sees himself as a Che Guevara and Fidel Castro rolled into one. The psycho ward rendition of Robo-Soldier.

Apparently, Chavez aspires to train his army reserves of an estimated 1 million armed men and women. His citizen soldiers are organizing into neighborhood-based militia units for his Territorial Guard. Link to article: Chavez Training Anti-U.S. Civilian Militia

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Operation Mountain Lion Update

APO AE 09356

News Desk: 070-223-758
Press Center: 070-276-545

April 17, 2006
Release # 060417-F-002
Aircrews launch Operation Mountain Lion
By Army Master Sgt. Doug Sample and Army Sgt. Stephanie van Geete

Task Force Falcon Public Affairs

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Task Force Falcon aircrews took to the sky April 11 at the start of an Afghan and Coalition offensive aimed at defeating insurgents in eastern Afghanistan.

Operation Mountain Lion is concentrated in Kunar, Nuristan and Nangahar provinces – known as hotspots of insurgent activity. It involves about 2,500 Afghan National Army and Coalition forces.

Aviation assets are playing a critical role in the operation, said Army Col. Michael Rose, who commands the Coalition’s Task Force Falcon, composed primarily of the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade from Fort Drum, N.Y. The operation began with air assaults; since then, the Falcons have continued to fly supplies into the region.

“Without aviation support, the ground troops are limited to roads and valley floors, which are very narrow and give the enemy an opportunity to ambush or place improvised explosive devices along the routes ahead of Coalition forces,” said Rose, of Honesdale, Pa. “However, aviation assets allow us freedom to maneuver, to bypass known enemy areas, and put troops where they have the advantage over the enemy.”

On the first day of the operation, Afghan and Coalition forces killed six insurgents.

Army Capt. Ben Parry, an assistant operations officer with the task force, credited the element of surprise as a major factor in the operation’s success.

During a night maneuver, CH-47 Chinooks and UH-60 Black Hawks, escorted by AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, carried hundreds of U.S. Soldiers and Marines, along with Afghan National Army commandos, to four difficult landing zones.

“The first night of operations was without incident, and there were no aircraft fired upon,” said Parry, of York, Pa. “We assaulted under the concealment of darkness; we got everybody in successfully,” he said.
Additional story links:
Suggested Photos:
  • 060411-A-6206S-045: BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- CH-47 Chinook helicopters wait on the flight line here April 11 before the start of Operation Mountain Lion, a combined Afghan and Coalition offensive aimed at defeating insurgents in eastern Afghanistan. The Chinooks are assigned to the Coalition’s Task Force Falcon, composed primarily of the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade from Fort Drum, N.Y. (Photo by Army Master Sgt. Doug Sample, Task Force Falcon Public Affairs)
  • 060411-A-6206S-114: BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- Soldiers in Task Force Falcon’s tactical operations center monitor events as Operation Mountain Lion continues. The operation, which aims to defeat insurgents in eastern Afghanistan, began with air assaults. (Photo by Army Master Sgt. Doug Sample, Task Force Falcon Public Affairs)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Shahab-3 missile threat

Author Jerome Corsi's 2005 release "Atomic Iran" is proving to be a crystal ball of predictions about Iran. Recall recent posts in Rumors of War about the Shahab-3 missile[alternatively designated Zelzal [(Earthquake)] .
Recent developments lead on to believe that it is now solid-fuel ready and cuts launch time. Because of the solid fuel capablity, the IRIS, one stage, 3000 km, Shahab-3D missile will be harder to hit by the Patriot and Arrow anti-missile systems. And, unfortunately the Shahab-3 will easily reach Tel Aviv. Source: IRIS Solid Motor Program
"When Corsi wrote "Atomic Iran," he predicted that the negotiations with the EU-3 would fail," Corsi told WND. "Iran's continued efforts to develop atomic weapons secretly would leave no alternative except to take Iran before the Security Council for additional sanctions. Corsi also predicted that the United Nations would not be able to do anything effective to stop Iran. " Sure looks like Corsi was right on the button with recent developments.

According to a study published by Marshall Institute:
The new generation of Third World missiles have longer ranges and therefore higher re-entry speeds – and of course also more destructive warheads. One reason why anyone might fire a missile with a maximum range of, say, 3000 km, at a target that is only 500 km away is that such a missile would arrive at its target after having reached a height of about 1200 km – roughly the height reached by intercontinental missiles. Like them, it would arrive at speeds of typically over 6 km/sec. That is three times the speed of Scuds, and about twice the speed of the targets that Arrow is designed to handle. Source: Marshall Institute
And, from Jane's Defence Section:

Iran is believed to have six operational Shahab 3 brigades, the first of which was established in July 2003. These are mainly equipped with standard variants, but with others described as 'enhanced Shahab', with ranges of 1,300 km-1,500 km and 2,000 km respectively. (Jane's) According to Iranian Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani, "A missile using liquid fuel is short-lived. You can use it for a limited time. Solid fuel makes the missile durable and dramatically increases its accuracy." (Jane's)

When one throws Russian, North Korean and Chinese missle technology together and places it in the hands of lunatics, we are courting disaster. This missile technology will give countries like Iran the capablity to reach Europe and capablity breach U.S. TBM defenses.
In 2005, Vice Admiral Lowell E. Jacoby, U.S. Navy, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, testified that "We judge Iran will have the technical capability to develop an ICBM by 2015." Source: National Intelligence Council

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Canadian Cross-Border Human Smuggling Ring Busted

14 Indicted In Border Human Smuggling Ring
U.S. and Canadian authorities say they have broken up a human smuggling ring that brought dozens of Indian and Pakistani nationals into Washington from British Columbia.

According to a broadcast from 770 KTTH AM radio evening news, US and Canadian law enforcement agencies indicated that they worked closely for more than a year, to apprehend roughly 50 people who had paid as much as $35,000 apiece to be smuggled into the United States via Brithish Columbia, Canada.

770 KTTH AM reported that Canadian officials indicated that the illegals entered Canada illegally prior to being smuggled into the United States. More Detail are avaiable at KIRO TV News: 14 Indicted In Border Human Smuggling Ring.

KIRO TV Video: 14 Accused In Human Smuggling Ring

Another unrelated story from Seattle, Washington over the weekend: 22 Chinese Nationals Held in Apparent Human Smuggling Case at Port of Seattle

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Photos of Flight 93's Wreckage Released

Just in from Fox News: Photos of Flight 93's Wreckage Release along with transcript

In the last few minutes before United Flight 93 crashed into a rural Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers aboard the plane ordered passengers to "shut up" and "sit" as they issued a terrifying message: "We have a bomb on board."

Federal prosecutors seeking the execution of Zacarias Moussaoui on Wednesday figuratively placed the jury aboard the doomed flight when they played a recording in which the hijackers were heard giving orders to the passengers. Read the story at Fox News.

Raw Data: Text of Flight 93 Recording
Moussaoui Prosecutors Introduce Gruesome Images
Moussaoui Judge Warns Againt Prejudicial Testimony
Moussaoui Jury To Hear More Painful Testimony
Moussaoui Jury Hears About Impact on Kids
Giuliani Describes First Hours of Sept. 11 on Stand in Moussaoui Trial
Human Remains Found on Roof Near WTC Site
Fast Facts: Quotes From Moussaoui
Prosecution Rests in Moussaoui Sentencing
Flight School Witness: FAA Ignored Moussaoui Concerns
FBI Supervisor Barely Discussed Moussaoui Before 9/11
Moussaoui Judge Allows Prosecution to Present New Witnesses
Moussaoui Coaching Lawyer Put on Leave
Prosecutors Fight Moussaoui Evidence Ruling
Moussaoui Prosecutors File for Reversal in Evidence Ruling
Judge Says Death Penalty Against Moussaoui Can Be Sought
Timeline: Moussaoui Case
Moussaoui Judge May Reconsider Death Penalty
Flight Instructor: Moussaoui Was 'Credible' Pilot
Fast Facts: Moussaoui Jurors

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The War in Afghanistan - Coalition Forces Launch 'Mountain Lion'

Military Action in Afghanistan is often placed on the backburner with Mainstream Media. It is a different war with different results. In an effort to bring military news, periodically check back for the latest developments in our War on Terror in Afghanistan. God bless our troops in harms way.

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2006 - Coalition forces, in cooperation with the Afghan National Army, began "Operation Mountain Lion" yesterday to establish security, deter the re-emergence of terrorism, and enhance the sovereignty of Afghanistan, military officials reported today. Read the Department of Defense story: Mountain Lion

Additional news stories:
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Monday, April 10, 2006

President's Airplane in Danger because of web article

A government document posted to the website of an unnamed Air Force base containing information about the anti-missile defense system of Air Force One, the president's official airplane, has raised an alarm with Air Force officials who say the information "affects operational security."

Read the the story at WorldNetDaily: President's Airplane in Danger because of web article

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chavez at it again: Threatens to kick out US Ambassador

As reported in Breitbart.Com, Hugo Chavez the lefti dictator of Venezuela has threatened to kick out the US ambassador Brownfield . "Start packing your bags Mister, if you keep on provoking us, start packing you bags, because I'll kick you out of here," Chavez said on his regular Sunday television program. Despite political tensions, Venezuela, the world's No. 5 oil exporter, remains a key supplier of crude to the US market. But Chavez says he wants to wean Venezuela off its economic reliance on the United States.

Sounds to me that Chavez wants to sever the relationship for good. Chavez has been ratcheting up his anti-United States rhetoric. Link to the article: Venezuela threatens to give US the boot

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Plane carrying House members fired on with Russian missile

Three congressman have confirmed they were aboard a C-130 flight to Kuwait from Iraq in January when they were attacked by a sophisticated Russian SA-18 shoulder-fired missile that required the U.S. plane to employ high-technology countermeasures to avoid being hit.

Reps. Jeb Bradley, R-N.H., John Spratt, D-S.C., and Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, confirmed the incident to The San Francisco Chronicle.

They were part of a six-member delegation of the House Armed Services Committee, led by Rob Simmons, R-Conn. The congressmen were lucky - the leased commercial aircraft transporting troops aren't equipped to with those sophisticated countermeasures.

Read the latest news now at World Net Daily. Link to the article: Congressmen shot at with Russian SA-18 shoulder-fired missile

Addition Links regarding MANPADS / Surface to Air shoulder-filed missiles
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Friday, April 07, 2006

Iranian Missiles Possibly Can carry Nukes

Iran now has ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, according to military experts. While Tehran denies it is trying to develop a nuclear arsenal, ballistic missile experts advising the United States say it has succeeded in reconfiguring the Shahab-3 ballistic missile to carry nuclear weapons, the London Telegraph reports.

(Bos'un comment: The Iranian Shahab-3 [alternatively designated Zelzal [(Earthquake)] missile is said to be a derivative of the 1,000-1,300 kilometer range North Korean Nodong-1.)

"This is a major breakthrough for the Iranians," said a senior U.S. official, according to the London paper. "They have been trying to do this for years and now they have succeeded. It is a very disturbing development." World Net Daily link to the article: Iranian Missiles can carry Nukes

Please come back and visit the following links for more information:

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