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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Canadian Cross-Border Human Smuggling Ring Busted

14 Indicted In Border Human Smuggling Ring
U.S. and Canadian authorities say they have broken up a human smuggling ring that brought dozens of Indian and Pakistani nationals into Washington from British Columbia.

According to a broadcast from 770 KTTH AM radio evening news, US and Canadian law enforcement agencies indicated that they worked closely for more than a year, to apprehend roughly 50 people who had paid as much as $35,000 apiece to be smuggled into the United States via Brithish Columbia, Canada.

770 KTTH AM reported that Canadian officials indicated that the illegals entered Canada illegally prior to being smuggled into the United States. More Detail are avaiable at KIRO TV News: 14 Indicted In Border Human Smuggling Ring.

KIRO TV Video: 14 Accused In Human Smuggling Ring

Another unrelated story from Seattle, Washington over the weekend: 22 Chinese Nationals Held in Apparent Human Smuggling Case at Port of Seattle

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