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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Chavez at it again: Possibly

According to Iranian newspaper, Venezuelan President beats his chest for mullahs of Iran

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a well-known anti-United States leftist warned on Friday that the US intends to invade Iran in its search for energy resources, and said the world can avoid that aggression. The news account indicated that at the opening of a hydroelectric station on the Caroni River, Chavez, publicly asked Europe, Russia, and China to save the world by evading the US aggressive policy.

We neither confirm or deny that Chavez said it or that he would back the mullahs, however, Go to the article appearing in Iran News : Chavez or Go to the article appearing in Radio Habana Cuba: Chavez Disclaimer: Both news service outlets have published anti-Chavez information in the past. This could not be independently verified with other news service organizations at the time of this writing.

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