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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chavez is getting more weird

As reported in Newsmax, Hugo Chavez the lefti dictator of Venezuela has threatened to blow up his oil fields if attacked and also is making his poor countrymen paranoid. This looney, Chavez, has been ratcheting up his anti-United States rhetoric.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday again raised the specter of U.S. designs to oust him and promised that his government will blow up his country's oil fields if the United States should ever attack. U.S. officials have repeatedly denied any military plans against Chavez, but also call him a threat to stability in the region. Link to article: Crazy Chavez threatens to blow oil fields

In addition to his paranoid rants, President Hugo Chavez constantly warnings Venezuelans that a U.S. invasion is imminent. So, now he's begun training a civilian militia as well as the Venezuelan army to resist in the only way possible against a much better-equipped force: By taking to the hills and fighting a guerrilla war. Guess looney Hugo sees himself as a Che Guevara and Fidel Castro rolled into one. The psycho ward rendition of Robo-Soldier.

Apparently, Chavez aspires to train his army reserves of an estimated 1 million armed men and women. His citizen soldiers are organizing into neighborhood-based militia units for his Territorial Guard. Link to article: Chavez Training Anti-U.S. Civilian Militia

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