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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korea Threatens Pre-emptive Attack, what is the rhetoric all about?

Two interesting articles, one from Breitbart and one from World Net Daily discuss the North Korean situation.

In, North Korea vowed on Monday to respond with an "annihilating" nuclear strike if it’s atomic facilities are attacked pre-emptively by the United States. The North Korean threat of retaliation, which is often voiced by its state-controlled media, comes amid U.S. official reports that Pyongyang has shown signs of preparing for a test of a long-range missile. Source: Breitbart.Com

In World Net Daily, one has to question if testing the will of the United States a profitable exercise? Some analysts suggest that it is more than a coincidence that North Korea began preparations for an intercontinental ballistic missile test in the direction of the United States less than two weeks after America and its allies offered Iran new incentives for backing away from its nuclear arms program. The North Koreans have escalated the issue in the past when they wanted to gain influence. Source Reports say bargaining with Iran led to Pyongyang's missile test

At any rate, we are going to have to deal with this situation in North Korea.

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