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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Possible location of MWD in Iraq???

According to World Net Daily (WND) a captured document from the Saddam regime but left untranslated by the Pentagon describes the hiding of chemical-weapons materials and the location of their burial in Iraq.

World Net Daily reported that the information came from Joseph Shahda, who has translated a number of key texts from among the thousands made available on the Internet by the Defense Department, posted his work on the conservative forum at Free

Free Repubic provided a link to Document ISGQ-2003-00004530 dated September 15 2002, alleged to be a memo from a General in Saddam Feedayeens to the Supervisor of those Feedayeens, Uday Saddam Hussein.

It will be interesting to inspect this site and to translate the documents that are available. Perhaps there is more information that will shed light on what happened to the WMD.

Read the WND article linked at: Memo reportedly shows location of WMD

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