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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Brits search for "dirty bomb"

British police are searching the United Kingdom for an explosive "dirty chemical bomb" vest. The terror alert came after anti-terrorism police raided a house where suspected terrorists are believed to have been making bombs and planning attacks. The Brits believe that one target may be the World Cup soccer matches next week.

Anti-terrorism police apparently have not yet located a bomb factory as first reported and have not yet locate a dirty bomb explosive vest that they are searching for (corrected copy.) Police in chemical suits searched a house and two workplaces and the results of their searches are forthcoming. Two males were taken into custody for further investigation, one of the males, was shot once in the shoulder, and suffered no life threatening injuries. Neighbors interviewed in the vicinity of the incident said that the family who lived in the house was from Bangladesh and there has been no indication of any suspicious activities.

The anti-terrorism police have not fully recovered adverse publicity they received when they shot and killed a young Brazilian man last year after the bus and train bombings. Lawyers for the two suspects taken into custody today protested their innocence. People in the neighborhood are upset and suspicious of the police activities.

Sources for this corrected copy: Reuters UK Telegraph

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