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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Homegrown Terror Plot: Miami, Florida

Seven people were arrested, 5 were citizens, 1 has permanent residency, and the other was here ILLEGALLY (overstayed visa). One of two targeted plots released thus far: Sears Towers in Chicago, Illinois.

The FBI and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales are scheduled to hold a news conference on Friday to discuss the raid. According the FBI, there is no "imminent threat" to Miami, or other US city. This appears to be a homegrown plot, with no known ties to al Qaeda or other groups. The plotters thought that the undercover agents they were in contact with were al Qaeda. This plot has an uncanny resemblance of the recent plot in Canada with their homegrown terror suspects.

Turn the clock back to the Oklahoma Federal Building Bomber, Timothy McVeigh. He too wanted to usher in his own brand of perverted radicalism. Islamofacism, militant fascism, and perverted misfits from all walks of life threaten the free nations of the world.

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