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Monday, March 06, 2006

Terror could be coming to the Western Hemisphere

On the heels of Rosemary's post below, Should the Axis of Evil Extend to Chavez, I found it interesting what Kenneth Rijock, Investigative Report, La Nueva Cuba said about a possible Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran, and Chavez government connection. Hezbollah has had a history with the Western Hemisphere. Several months ago I researched a story about the Hamadi brothers and have included some of my investigative reporting here.

We should also keep in mind, Imad Fayez Mugniyah (Hezbollah security organization), has apparently has been active on the terrorism circuit for the past 20 years. He pulled off several operations outside of the Middle East, two of the South American operations are briefly discussed below.

A little more history on Mugniyah

Mugniyah is closely connected with Mohammad Ali Hamadi. Hamadi was Hezbollah member originally jailed for life for the murder of a US Navy diver in 1985. Hamadi was released from his life sentence by the German Government in November 2005. The United States is actively attempting to get Hamadi from Lebanon. I found it interesting that Mugniyah is also closely associated with Hamadi's brother, Abbas, was arrested in Germany in 1987 and charged with helping to kidnap two German businessmen in a bid to use them as bargaining chips for Mohammed Hamadi's freedom. Abbas Hamadi was released by Germany in 1993 after serving half of his sentence. But, that is another story.

Back to Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere

According to Laura Mansfield's Notebook, America's Truth Forum, Mugniyah terror activities allegedly has been tied to kidnappings and bombings throughout the world over the past two decades, including the following:

▪ April 18, 1983 bombing of the United States embassy in Beirut, which killed 63
people including 17 Americans
▪ October 23, 1983 simultaneous truck bombings against the French paratroopers \and US Marine killing 58 French soldiers and 241 Marines.
▪ September 20, 1984, he attacked the US embassy annex building.
▪ Linked to the numerous kidnappings of Westerners in Beirut through the 1980s – some were killed, some by beheading, and a few were eventually released
▪ March 17, 1992 bombings of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires Argentina, which killed 29
▪ July 1994 bombing of the AMIA cultural building in in Buenos Aires Argentina, killing 86 people
▪ Orchestrated the 2000 abductions of three Israeli soldiers in the southern part of Lebanon
▪ Abduction of Israeli Colonel Elchanan Tenenbaum. Source: Laura Mansfield

It is quite feasible that the Hezbollah terror organization could combine forces with Iranian intelligence and North Koreans to become a much larger crime and terror syndicate and head our way. Hezbollah has been increasingly busy in our Western Hemisphere and has pulled off operations in South America. Chavez the president of Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran would love to unseat us in the Americas. Chavez has directed some serious threats to the United States.

In 2002, Jeffrey Goldberg, reporter-at-large for The New Yorker magazine did an interesting 2- part article, "IN THE PARTY OF GOD" about Hezbollah operations in South America and the United States:

This two part article has excellent open source information developed from an outstanding investigative journalist who went into the bush where the bad guys live.

"Roughly two hundred thousand people live in the Ciudad del Este region, including a substantial minority of Arab Muslims; in the Triple Frontier zone, there may be as many as thirty thousand. According to intelligence officials in the region and in Washington, this Muslim community has in its midst a hard core of terrorists, many of them associated with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group backed by the Iranian government; some with Hamas, the Palestinian fundamentalist group; and some with Al Qaeda. It is, over all, a community under the influence of extreme Islamic beliefs; intelligence officials told me that some of the Triple Frontier Arabs held celebrations on September 11th of last year and also on the anniversary this year. These officials said that Hezbollah runs weekend training camps on farms cut out of the rain forest of the Triple Frontier. In at least one of these camps, in the remote jungle terrain near Foz do Iguaçu, young adults get weapons training and children are indoctrinated in Hezbollah ideology — a mixture of anti-American and anti-Jewish views inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini.

In the Triple Frontier, Hezbollah raises money from legitimate businesses but, more frequently, from illicit activities, ranging from drug smuggling to the pirating of compact disks. Unlike the other radical Islamic groups in the Triple Frontier, Hezbollah, it is said, has the capability to commit acts of terror."

Keep in mind that Part 2 of the series really does take place in South America, not the Middle East. I certainly hope that someone is connecting dots in our intelligence agencies and not carrying on the same performance as they did with Able Danger.

Be ever vigilant.


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