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Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Al Qaeda Leader planning Attack Against U.S.

New Al Qaeda Leader planning Attack Against U.S.

Hattip to: National Terrorism Resource and Information Center

5:47 pm National Terrorism RIC - Pakistani officials have told ABC News that they believe they have indications that a new terror attack is being planned there against the United States. They tell ABC News that while their intelligence does not give any specific details as to a target or time, it does indicate that the plans are being made by an emerging top al Qaeda figure.
Pakistani military officials say Matiur Rehman, 29, a Pakistani militant, is behind the new plans for an attack against the United States. Pakistan has posted a 10-million rupee (about $166,000) award for his capture.

“He is probably Pakistan’s most wanted right now,” says Alexis Debat, a former adviser in the French defense ministry and now an ABC News consultant. Read Article

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