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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Suspected Bombers' Trial opens in Britian, 1 susperct held in Canada

Hat tip to: CBC News

Ottawa updated Tuesday 21 Mar 2006

As the trial of seven Britons accused of plotting bomb attacks opened in London the chief prosecutor saying Canadian Mohammed Momin Khawaja played a "vital role" in the plot. It is alleged that six of the accused – as well as Khawaja – travelled to Pakistan for training in how to make explosives......Khawaja and the Britons were arrested in March 2004. The allegations centre on a plot to blow up Britain's electricity supply network, as well as trains, pubs and nightclubs. For the rest of the story: Canadian terror suspect
Exactly how safe are we in this country with alleged islamofacists in the country next door? He is not the first.

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