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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day two: US Witness tells UK bomb trial how he joined Jihad

US witness tells UK bomb trial how he joined jihad
Thu Mar 23, 2006, By Michael Holden
LONDON (Reuters) - A Pakistan-born American, Mohammed Babar, 31 years old,
who has admitted terrorism-related offences in New York told a London court on Thursday how he had become radicalized by two of Britain's most-high profile Islamic clerics (He) said he had been inflamed by the first Gulf War and later had wanted to fight U.S. troops in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks.....(Babar) was born in Pakistan and moved to New York as a child. He had planned to go to medical school but dropped out. For the rest of the story, go to: Another US raised terrorist
SO, here we have a 31 year old Pakistani ( Is Babar a Naturalized American????) malcontent, raised in the United States, who helped plot to kill innocent people in the name of his idealogy of peace. Folks these islmaofacists do not have a religion. They are crystalized with death, destruction, and dispair. They are some of the most bigoted racists that I have ever seen. How on earth these islamofacists get this way is beyond me.

Of course there will be some appeasers and apolgist bleeding heart liberals and social engineers who will make excuses and want this toad released.

However, there is no excuse, apology, or any type of dhimmitude rationalism that should get this guy anything but life in prison. However, I wonder what his plea bargain for testifying at the trial in Britian is going to be? We have to worry about things like that. For sure, I hope we don't let him back into the United States. He hates America and our American way of life. No room at this Inn for him.

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