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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why they hate us

“Why ‘they’ hate us” by Glib Fortuna as cross-posted from Stop the ACLU with Glib's permission. You gotta read this and also visit Stop the ACLU for more. Respectfully, Bosun

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This isn’t some surrenderous lament or an exercise in self-flagellation we’ve come to expect from “our betters” in the media and the academy. This is the truth.

Islamists want to dominate the entire planet down to the last man. There is no desire to live in peace with neighbors, or even fellow countrymen or co-religionists who don’t swallow the agenda. It’s as simple as that.

We hear the Islamists represent only a small percentage of the overall population. So what if that’s true anyway? One percent equals more than 10 million people worldwide…and sympathy for indiscriminant slaughter in the name of Allah enjoys a far higher approval rating than 1%, even in nations where Muslims live free. It doesn’t matter if this “small percentage” doesn’t represent “most” Muslims, just like it doesn’t matter that the New York Times does not represent the American mainstream thought. Like the New York Times shapes media coverage the world over despite the truth that it represents the worldview of no one outside a university campus or a newsroom, the Islamists dominate the direction of the Muslim world, regardless of who they actually “represent.” Why else would the new Iraqi leadership feel the need to be on record as, if not supporting Hezbollah, at least not being against them despite the fact that they attacked a sovereign nation with no provocation?

We hear lies about “frustration” conceived by poverty and “policies” of other nations that perpetuate the dysfunction in the Arab/Muslim world. But this isn’t an economic issue. Many Arab countries sit on massive wealth, yet their people still live in poverty because the tyrants that run these countries have no intention to care for, or even treat humanely, its own Muslim citizenry. Not only that, the profile of many of the Islamist terrorists are that of middle-class, Western-educated people who can hardly be described as acting out in response to “oppression.”

It’s not about “envy” either. The Islamists do not desire what we have, they want to destroy it and replace it.

It’s not about our “decadence” either. Yes, they may pretend to despise our “prostitutes” (you know, women who wear pants), but the 9-11 killers could be found boozing it up in strip clubs the night before they declared all-out war on America. The Saudis and Saddam are known to have had huge porn collections and liquor supplies to rival the amount of oil underneath their soil.
It’s not about Israel either. Yes, Israel provides a nice whipping boy, especially since a still-raging anti-Semitism in places that should know better (hello Europe) makes for ripe fields of sympathy among the elites of the Euro-American media. Yes, Israel does highlight the shamefulness of Arab-Muslim society — they have flourished in what was a barren backwater with no natural resources amid a history of unbroken aggression from every inch of its border. Surrounding Israel are failed states of tyranny and pathology. Israel’s prosperity is an inconvenient window into the soul of the Arab world who just can’t seem to produce societies that bless the world, when their tiny neighbor did so despite arriving, in many cases with the clothes on their backs. Islamist hatred of Israel is not born of envy, but of shame. Even so, what do India, Indonesia and the Philippines have to do with Israel? The terrorists operate there why?

We hear about any number of “root causes” — but none of those things are the reason that Islamists do what they do. There is only one reason — domination wherever they are, subjugating all others under the Sword of the Prophet.

So how do we win? Enough with the view of “polite society” which harbors an assumption that we can “negotiate” with Islamists (what do we negotiate away?). There’s only one way. Complete annihilation of Islamism and the creation of a state of affairs in which these terrorists scurry back into their dirty holes because they know they cannot win.

Sadly, every time a news dolt puts on her glasses to look intelligent and leans toward some “expert” during a “hard-hitting” interview that it sure to finally “get down to the bottom” of this burning question — “Why do they hate us?” — we show that we live in fear and ignorance and don’t have the will to win. Even worse, we are now seeing proof every day that the news media has been working with our enemies in a worldwide propaganda campaign that can only lead to our hastened demise.

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