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Friday, August 18, 2006

France now sending 10 officer and 200 troops

3220.gifAfter all the posturing during the peace talks at the United Nations, France may send only 10 officers and 200 troops to Lebanon? When the negotiations first started, one did not need a crystal ball to figure that there was not going to be a new, tough, 15,000 strong UN force to manage the Lebanese border and keep Hezbollah at bay. Imagine trying to get Euro-weenies to carry their weight and do something other than drink wine and talk BS.

frenchie.JPGFolks, France never wanted anything more than the right to claim command credit and to demand their share of the new UN support contract to feed and supply the additional 13,000 Blue Hats in Lebanon. Color me surprised that France disappointed the apologists at the United Nations with their significantly small troop contingent.

French President Jacques Chirac left open the possibility that France might eventually provide more soldiers. He did say that 1,700 French troops already positioned near Lebanon would be made available to the United Nations but would not be placed under UN control. It is quite probable that France's reconsideration of troop commitment was due to their fears over "reprisals from Syria or Iran" not to prevent hostilities between Islamofacists and Israel.

Lets face it, Chirac is trying to cover his dhimmis ass, if hostilities should break out in Lebanon or if Syria organizes a second front resistance. Chirac is not concerned about Israel's safety or that of the civilians in Lebanon when Hezbollah decides to run amok again. Chirac figures that the less French troops in the area, the less they can get hurt from running over each other as they stampede to the rear.

The white flag waving does not stop with France. The whole peace process was ill planned by the United Nations. There were no provisions to disarm Hezbollah and no meaningful rules of engagement. This is another half-assed United Nations operation destined to failure before it gets off the ground.

I hate to say this, but, Israel had better stand by for Act Two.

And the world of public opinion will condemn Israel instead of the the aggressors no matter what happens.

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