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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Times’: Israel Destroyed Syrian Nuclear Material from North Korea

Courtesy of The Media Line

The Times of London reported on Sunday in great detail about the Israeli air raid on Syria that the paper says destroyed a cache of nuclear material provided by the North Koreans. Confirming what many have speculated, The Times describes the use of laser guidance systems by ground forces that had penetrated Syrian territory a day earlier and directed Israel's F15s to their target. The report claims that the mission was planned eight months ago when Israel discovered that Syria was in the process of obtaining from North Korea a nuclear device that could be fitted onto its Scud missiles. The target was identified as a nuclear facility on the Euphrates River that masquerades as an agricultural research center. The paper also claims that Washington provided Israel with its air force codes to ensure no friendly planes would be shot at. Western intelligence agencies are said to be delighted that Israel has successfully penetrated Syrian air defenses, said to be more stringent than those of Iran. MidEast News Source

According to Jerusalem Post Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu is concerned about Iran and weighed in on the Iranian situation, "We cannot wait for them to obtain nuclear weapons; we must prevent it now. This has to be the focus of all responsible countries..."

"The military option must stay on the table, but countries like the US and some in Europe must squeeze Iran with sanctions, voluntary sanctions - not through the UN," Netanyahu said at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's Seventh Annual Conference at IDC Herzliya."The UN is paralyzed from launching effective sanctions. They can do a lot to bring economic pressure on the Iranian regime," he added.

Netanyahu suggested to "focus on the 20 to 30 European countries that prop up the Iranian oil and gas sector." "We are involved in trying to get American state pensions to divest from these European companies," he said. "About eight states are in the process of divestment. Florida just passed a divestment bill. Governor Schwarzenegger (California) told me that he's going to get such a bill to his table. Withdrawing funds [from these companies] will give a crippling blow to the regime and its nuclear program."

For the rest of the Netanyahu story: Netanyahu: Squeeze Iran with sanctions

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