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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Israelis Seized Nuke Material in Syria

Courtesy of the UK Times: Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid

by Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter

Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel bombed it this month, according to informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem.

The attack was launched with American approval on September 6 after Washington was shown evidence the material was nuclear related, the well-placed sources say.

They confirmed that samples taken from Syria for testing had been identified as North Korean. This raised fears that Syria might have joined North Korea and Iran in seeking to acquire nuclear weapons.

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Now my friends recall my post July  30th, 2006, about Chavez, North Korea, Iran, et al?

We have a problem.  There are storm clouds brewing in the Western Hemisphere.  The close link between Chavez, North Korean, and Iran should not come at a surprise. In a La Nueva Cuba news article last year (2006) Financial Crimes consultant, Kenneth Rijock, claimed of a possible Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran, and Chavez government connection.

Rijock claimed last year that that Iran has plans to ship missiles to Chavez in oil tankers so as not to be suspected. Rijock claims that Chavez may then transfer the missiles to Cuba. 
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So, now (09/2007) we have the Chavez, Amannamedjihad, and other US - hating dictators scheduled to meet after Amannamedjihad leaves the US - UN world leader conference. They are going to have a summit in South America. I smell some rotten kimchee, if you know what I mean.

Isla Margarita, a semi desert island just off the coast of Venezuela, is home to Venezuela's Hezbollah contingent, Lebanese - Venezuelans. Sources believes that when foreign agents enter Isla Margarita, they sometimes take up temporary residence in Cuba.

Hezbollah has a significant increase and influence in South America as discussed by Jeffrey Goldberg, reporter-at-large for The New Yorker magazine who wrote did an interesting 2 - part article, "IN THE PARTY OF GOD."

Perhaps you should go back and re-read part 2, about Hezbollah's presence in the western hemisphere:  Hezbollah sets up operations in South America and the United States.

Liberal Democrats, watch out what you wish for. You have been bad mouthing President Bush for six years (since he spanked Gores ass in the 2000 election.  No GWB did not steal the election, he won it and you have not gotten over it.  As a matter of fact he came back four years later and spanked John "F" Kerry's butt, too).

The world has failed to keep their eye on the ball when it comes to North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and all the other freedom hating countries.  I believe that this world is going get interesting soon. Hope I am wrong, but, I doubt that I am wrong.

If I am right, Dhimmis tax will not work, this time.

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