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Saturday, May 13, 2006

US Troops to be assigned to U.S. - Mexico Border?

According to a news story posted by the New York Times, Friday, May 12, 2006, Pentagon Is Considering Sending Troops to U.S.-Mexican Border.

The story went on to say that an unnamed defense official indicated that the Pentagon has begun drawing up plans to send troops and equipment to the border where hundreds of thousands of migrants enter the country illegally each year. Friday evening, Fox News weighed in saying that plan may include state National Guard personnel, at the discretion of their southern state governors. Fox News mentioned that it may include a provision for reimbursement by the federal government.

Bos'un Comment: Immigration has emerged as one of the top political issues of 2006. Our pundits are jumping into it with various degrees of enthusiasm. Our social engineers of the left helped to stage a nationwide day of protest to put pressure on the Democrats and Republicans. Although the turnout was large, especially in Los Angeles, the day of protest did nothing more than offer illegals and sympathizers a day off to party. Actually, the day helped ease traffic congestion. Our head "amnestiest," President George W. Bush, is scheduled to address the nation on immigration reform on Monday evening as the Senate gets ready to renew debates on a bill to tighten border security and give an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants a way to legalize their status. President Bush is not getting a free pass on his cozy relationship with President Fox of Mexico. And, we really should be worried about other than Mexican (OTM) illegals, drug cartel smuggling, and other criminal activities that cross along our borders with Mexico and Canada. Who knows what is coming across or what might get smuggled across.

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, does not support that idea and is going to throw his monkey wrench into the plan. Apparently, Schwarzenegger indicated that using National Guard for border security is, "maybe not the right way to go." Schwarzenegger commented that, "I think that we should let them go to work, back to work again." However, Schwarzenegger did concede that the federal government is obliged to secure the borders.

At any rate, the solution to this problem is difficult. Our national security does depend on who we allow into the United States.

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