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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood deeply rooted inside U.S.

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood deeply rooted inside U.S.

Terror-support group controls most Islamic groups, mosques

If this is true, perhaps it is our worst nightmare come true...  But then again, it might be a bunch of malarkey.
We must take into account, the chief characteristic of Islam is that it makes no distinction between the spiritual and the secular in life. Its aim is to shape both individual lives as well as society as a whole in ways that will ensure that the Kingdom of Allah may really be established on earth and that peace, contentment and well-being may fill the world. The Islamic way of life is thus based on a unique concept of man’s place in the universe. That is why it is necessary that, before we discuss the moral, social, political and economic systems of Islam, we should have a clear idea of what that concept is.

Blind submission it what is required....  wonder if the apologists and appeasers realize the world to come

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