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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Taliaban Commander Reported Killed

The Junkyard Mullah, Dadullah Reported Killed

One of the top Taliban commander in Afghanistan has been killed in fighting with Western forces in the southern part of the country. The body of Mullah Dadullah was put on display by coalition forces in the city of Kandahar. Dadullah was personally implicated in a number of beheadings, warfare in Helmand Province, controlling suicide bombers and ordering kidnappings. The BBC reports that Dadullah was considered one of the most brutal and extreme of Taliban commanders.
Mullah Dadullah was a founding member of the Taliban and a close associate of Mullah Omar. In an early campaign against Ismail Khan, Dadullah stepped on a land mine and became a one legged jihadi. Dadullah was an aggressive and brutal commander, willing to take the fight to the enemy, and not afraid of casualties.
Good ridden to bad rubbish.

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