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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pakistan faces the Taleban's tentacles

In a remote Pakistani town, a singer lives in fear.

Zaher Uddin used to perform at weddings, now he sings only in the privacy of his home. The white walls are draped with festive garlands, tools of his newly defunct trade. Music has been banned by local religious militants, or Taleban.

Mr Uddin talks about the hardship of his job, but he won't talk about the Taleban, he's too afraid. Vigilante vice squads have recently begun to patrol the streets of Surai Norang, located near the city of Bannu in north-western Pakistan.

Read about the tentacles of the Taleban and extermists' version of Shari'ah: BBC Pakustan faces Taleban's tentacles

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