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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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Originally posted at KFMB AM Radio San Diego By Rick Roberts

April 10th, 2007

El Presidente Buuuush visited Pima County yesterday to talk about his immigration plans.

He was at the opening of a new border patrol station…


It’s odd, I heard no mention of the border patrol agents unfairly prosecuted by “loyal Bushie” Johnny Sutton… No mention of the pardoning of BP agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. But I digress…

The President reiterated his belief that millions of new guest workers are needed to “do jobs Americans aren’t doing.”

Bush is quick to brag about Mexico importing their “talents and culture” into the U.S., but what you do not hear about is one of their highest importations: Crime.

A century ago it was the thing to migrate the legal way, to assimilate, to respect America… Such thing is now long gone, and now we edge closer and closer to imploding and eroding as a nation.

A couple Fridays ago, drunk illegal alien from Mexico, Alfredo Ramos, was speeding down Virgina Beach Boulevard in Virginia when he plowed into the rear of a 1994 Plymouth belonging to Allison Kunhardt, 17.

She was driving with her best friend, Tessa Tranchant, 16. Allison’s car was stopped at a red light.

Both were killed. One of the girls died at the scene. The other girl died shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

Both were wearing seat belts.

Both were pinned in the wreckage and had to be cut free before paramedics could tend them.

Alfredo Ramos was working at a Mexican restaurant, Mi Casita… (You know, one of those jobs that “Americans won’t do.) He speaks NO English. He had three prior drunk driving convictions, including other crimes such as identity theft. His last DUI was only late last year. He was given a 90 day suspended sentence, fined $250, had his drivers’ license suspended… But court documents revealed that Ramos didn’t actually have a valid driver’s license; had actually paid $200 for a fake one. Because the two girls were killed in the sanctuary city of Virginia Beach, Alfredo Ramos was allowed to walk.

Hmmm… that restaurant that Ramos was working at… Don’t you think that if we actually enforced the law, in that perfect world that both parties are oblivious to, that piece of scum would be in his nation of origin and one of those girls could have been working the position that Alfredo Ramos was… Teenage employment is low, illegal alien employment is high. How dumb are our politicians??

Then we have local child molester, Juan Villalobos, 54…

An illegal alien, previously deported, wormed his way through our borders once more to commit a crime far worse than trespassing and stealing our resources and sovereignty…

He stole the innocence of three girls in their San Carlos home just over a year ago.

All three were relatives.

Villalobos was arrested yesterday evening at the Old Town trolley station.

We already have crime in this country. We don’t need more of it imported from other countries…

We ESPECIALLY don’t need it imported from a third world country.


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Matt said...

Open borders people who don't mind having dead and raped Americans at the expense of illegal aliens are called Democrats.

Matt said...

Open borders people who don't mind having dead and raped Americans at the expense of illegal aliens are called Democrats.

The_Bos'un said...

True Statement Matt. Thanks for commenting. Borders Language and Culture are important aspects of America. I hope that Presidente Booosh will wake up.