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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two New York Men sentenced in FBI Terror Sting

Yassin Aref & Mohammed Hossain Sentenced in FBI Terror Sting

Two different convictions, one sentence: the two Albany men found guilty of trying to buy a fake rocket launcher find out how long they will be behind bars. An Albany mosque leader, Aref, was convicted on 10 counts and sentenced to 15-years in federal prison. A pizza shop owner, Hossain, was convicted of 27 counts and faces 15-years as well.

NEWS10's Latricia Thomas details the men's final pleas to the judge before being taken off to face their prison sentences. Source:

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More information regarding this story: NEWS10 Exclusive: An Inside Look at Yassin Aref's Book

Exclusive details on what local Imam Yassin Aref has been doing while in solitary confinement.The words of a local man, convicted of conspiring to aid terrorists, heard from behind bars. We have seen Yassin Aref for years now, ever since the FBI raided the Albany mosque where he was Imam. Now, NEWS10's Latricia Thomas takes us inside Aref's mind, with an exclusive look at the book he is writing, while serving time. Source:

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