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Friday, November 03, 2006


Courtesy of the US Marshal Service

FALCON III, as with the previous operations, involved the pursuit and apprehension of fugitives beyond the borders of the United States. In addition, investigators located gang fugitives and sexual predators wanted by foreign law enforcement, but who eluded justice by hiding in this country. Through firmly established relationships, the USMS was able to share fugitive information with those foreign countries through the USMS Foreign Field Offices, INTERPOL, and other federal partners overseas, including the network of State Department Regional Security Officers stationed at every American Embassy throughout the world. 7 International Fugitives arrested outside the United States

6 Subjects arrested in Mexico

  • Attempt Homicide/Robbery (Provisional Arrest/Held in Mexico)
  • Kidnapping/Child Stealing (Provisional Arrest/Held in Mexico)
  • Assault with deadly weapon (Deported to US)
  • Parolee/Aggravated Assault (Deported to US)
  • Child rape (Deported to US)
  • 1 Subject in El Salvador
  • -Multiple counts child molestation (Deported to US)

7 Foreign Fugitives arrested in the United States

  • Murder suspect wanted in Mexico (Deported to Mexico)
  • Murder suspect/gang leader wanted in Jamaica (Deportation pending)
  • Child Rapist wanted in Canada (Provisional Arrest/Extradition)
  • Kidnapping suspect wanted in Korea (Provisional Arrest/Extradition)
  • Fraud suspect wanted in Hong Kong China (Provisional Arrest/Extradition)
  • Fraud suspect wanted in Poland (Provisional Arrest/Extradition)
  • Fraud suspect wanted in Sweden (Deportation pending)
    **subject now facing weapons & narcotics charges in US

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