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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Explosive toys discovered in Nablus

Courtesy of Israel Today Y Headline News (Emailed to me from a friend.)

Doll Bomb From The Religion Of Peace. A raid conducted by Israel Defense Forces and the General Security Services in the West Bank city of Nablus Saturday morning revealed a laboratory used by terror groups to produce an array of explosives and bombs in various forms, including stuffed animals and bomb belts. Among the materials found inside the lab, the forces found stuffed dolls with wires attached to them, apparently ready to be used to hide a bomb, 40 liters of hydrogen peroxide used for explosives, a hollow jacket used to hide explosives, three empty belts intended to carry explosives as potential bomb belts similar to belts used in the past during suicide bombings.

The forces also found an empty gas tank, twenty light bulbs used to activate explosives, a gas mask, syringes, test tubes, pipes, and a box of talcum powder intended for the use of explosive devices and several other items used for the manufacturing of explosives. Other unidentified materials found in the lab were taken for examination by IDF and police examiners.

After the raid was completed, IDF sappers detonated the lab in a controlled manner without causing any injuries in the surrounding area.

An IDF Spokesman statement said that the IDF will continue to operate against terrorist infrastructure in the northern West Bank, and employ all means at its disposal in order to uphold the security of the citizens.

Story Source: Israel Today Story: Explosive toys discovered in Nablus

Bosun's Comment: This is another example that the left and liberals in the United States are misguided and the apologists and appeasers of the world community are also misguided.

They give the PA and Hamas a free pass for the homicide bomber maniacs of Gaza.

This is another despicable act by those who want to destroy Israel.


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