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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saddam Ordered WMD Strike on Israel

Sean Hannity interviewed former deputy of the Iraqi Air Force, General Georges Sada, on Thursday and it was very interesting. According to Sada, he convinced Saddam to abort the mission by telling him that the Iraqi pilots could not complete the mission with the equipment at their disposal, and that the Israelis had radar that could detect them before they reached their target. (Sada contended that Isreal would destroy about 90% of the planes while they were still over Syria and Jordan. And the chemicals would rain down on Syria and Jordan and destroy him with the Arab world. Sada claims that Iraq's chemical weapons were later taken to Syria just prior to the US invasion.

Here are additional excerpts from The Jerusalem Post

- The former deputy of the Iraqi air force, General Georges Sada, revealed on Saturday that that former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, ordered him during the first Gulf War to bomb Israeli population centers with chemical weapons. The ousted dictator, said Sada in recently published book, Saddam's Secret's, ordered 96 Russian fighter jets to be armed with chemical weapons and sent to bomb Israel. Read the rest of the article for more revelations and details claimed by Sada: Saddam
ordered WMD strike
DISCLAIMER: The different points of views on the General Georges Sada are not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of the Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with the Bosun Locker. Hannity mentioned it and I am mentioning it too. However, I am not endorsing his book and am receiving nothing for placing it here. Let the buyer be responsible for their own choices.

Saddam's Secrets by General Georges Sada
He was one of Saddam Hussein’s top military advisors, yet a truth-teller in a regime where truth was relative. He was also a devout Christian in an anti-Christian country. For the first time, General Georges Sada shares his amazing journey—and speaks of the military secrets he was asked to keep—secrets only those closest to Saddam would know. But God’s work in General Sada’s life is no secret. From his years of covert military operations, to his dramatic conversations with Saddam and other world leaders, God has enabled Sada to make a difference, even when lives hang in the balance. Integrity Publishers

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