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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Joel Stein VERSUS the USA Military

Joel Stein, an editorial writer for the Lost Angeles Times, has hit a new low. I will put him up against anyone in our Military, including the ladies. He wouldn't stand a chance.

Let him hide behind the protection of the US Military that is keeping him alive while he spreads this dribble. On the other hand, I'm tired of giving these traitors a pass. I think he ought to be shot for treason.

So you think I'm wrong? Read up on Washington, Lincoln, Teddy, and Roosevelt. FDR had 8 Germans, 1 was a citizen, shot within 8 days of capture, trial, and death. They were caught on this land planning to do harm to this country.

Where did those liberals go?

Radio Blogger has the transcript of an interview between radio giant Hugh Hewitt and this ignorant man earlier today. There is also an audio soundtrack for your pleasure, if you can stand it. Hat tip to Radio Blogger.

Major K. is one who would like to take him over and show him Iraq real personal. I can guarantee he is not the only one! Editors and Publishers also has an article on this article.

Cowardice suits the Left well. After all, to be brave one must learn how to face reality...

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