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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Africa: The Unnoticed Threat

What about the Somalian pirates? Ah, yes. Now you look, but what do you really know? For example, did you know that the middle east has been using sub-saharan Africa as a gateway to Mexico so they can enter the United States?

Yes, this is happening more and more often. Especially since our media refuses to educate the masses that are too stupid to handle the truth...or is it that they are just too lazy to track it down? Hmm, I'll leave that to you to decide. On with the article.

I like to read Douglas Farah's site, because he keeps his eyes, ears, and whatever body part is available to the ground when it comes to Africa. He is a counter-terrorism expert expert, and he has authored the book, "BLOOD FROM STONES", the secret financial network of terror.

This is what attracted my eye today:
Sub-Saharan Africa Rises for the Wrong Reasons.
By Douglas Farah

While the Somali piracy crisis has galvanized world opinion, it is not the only area of Sub-Saharan Africa that is attracting counter-terrorism attention.

The growing ties between criminal and terrorist groups (often one and the same when it comes to Hezbollah's broad activity in Western and Central Africa) has been noted. The Congress authorized the creation of the new Africa Command (Africom) largely because of the terrorist threat in the region.

But what is the real threat? Again I return to the pipeline metaphor, and Africa is more and more frequently a important part of that pipeline structure.

Two cases illustrate this clearly. The first, an illegal alien smuggling ring running from Ghana through Central America to the United States was ideally positioned to carry anyone, including terrorists, across multiple borders.

The ring was run by a 26-year-old named Mohammed Kamel Ibrahim, living in Mexico and using the moniker "Silk the Shocker." For $5,000 he offered to have his clients met by corrupt Mexican officials and sent on to the United States.

What is astonishing is the number of countries through which this network moved people. Like water running downhill they simply took the path of least resistance at any given moment. My full blog is here.
If you continue reading this article, you will find there are several ways in which corrupt governments - including the Mexican government - are aiding in the spread of jihadism. This is one of the very important reasons why we must remain ever vigilant on the issue of gaining control of and keeping it of our borders.

Not only our borders by land but by that of sea. Yes, they are planning something which will occur because someone got into America through the sea. We must press our government to gain control of our harbors. Also, they must give the Coast Guard proper training and equipment to face our enemy head-on. We are all counting on them as well, and it's about time we showed it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Source(s): CounterTerrorism Blog and Douglas' site, Sub-Saharan Africa's Rising Role in Terrorism and Crime.

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