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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Fatwa Against Violence Issued by Senior Iraqi Sunni and Shia Clerics

As heard on Dennis Prager's radio show this morning, a Fatwa against violence was issued by top Iraqi Sunni and Shia clerics who met in Cairo on August 24th.  According to Robert C. McFarlane, who was in attendance, the clerics formally agreed to "end terrorist violence, and to disband militia activity in order to build a civilized country and work within the framework of law."

The participants of the historical conference included, Sheikh Ahmed al Kubaisi, the senior Sunni religious authority in Iraq.  McFarlane said that Sheikh Kubaisi included the Fatwa in his Friday sermons. 

I am looking on this  latest announcement wondering if it is really a breakthrough or more empty promises from the religion of peace.  Let us hope that Sheikh Kubaisi and the other Sunni and Shia clerics can have an impact on the violence in Iraq.

What make me concerned it that the lame stream media has not reported this potentially historical breakthrough.  If news does not cast Iraq (and President Bush) in a bad light, the lame steam media appears unwilling to report. 

The lame stream media should report all the news!  Even, if they (yellow dog journalists and their editors) do not like what it says.  Have a good day America. 

R/ Bosun

Source: Dennis Prager show

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