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Monday, October 16, 2006

US detects signs North Korea preparing for a 2nd Nuke

Courtesy of Stop the ACLU originally posted by Jay on 10-16-06

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(Breitbart.Com) The United States has detected fresh signs that North Korea may be preparing for a second nuclear test, according to U.S. media reports Monday.

U.S spy satellites have detected “suspicious vehicle movements” that could be preparations for another test near the site where North Korea conducted its first underground nuclear explosion test on Oct. 9, ABC News said, quoting unidentified U.S. officials.

NBC News also reported unidentified U.S. officials as saying U.S. spy satellites are picking up signs of truck and people movements.

The news reports came after the United States officially confirmed earlier Monday for the first time that Pyongyang carried out a nuclear test on Oct. 9 in northeastern North Korea, thus also effectively confirming Pyongyang’s possession of nuclear weapons.

Since its announcement Oct. 9 that it “successfully” conducted its first nuclear test, North Korea has repeatedly said it intends to take further “physical” actions against what it calls the “hostile” U.S. stance.

The first one may have been a fizzle, but be careful what you dare.

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