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Friday, February 24, 2006

Saudis foil plot to blow up massive oil refinery

It was reported today by Saudi security advisers that they foiled an attack on the world's largest oil processing plant, located in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, suicide bombers used at least two vehicles tried to storm the Abqaiq oil facility Friday, but fortunately did not make it past the outer gates. It was reported that security guards opened fire upon the attackers, causing their bomb-laden vehicles to explode. How fortunate for the refinery and world oil prices. Oil prices jumpted more than $2 a barrel on the news of the blast.

Officials indicated that two security officers and at least two attackers were killed. There are conflicting reports about the number of wounded.The Saudi oil minister says the explosion did not affect operations at the plant, which handles two-thirds of the Kingdom's oil output. Al-Qaeda took credit for the attack. In the past, bin Laden had urged his followers to attack oil facilities in the Gulf. He has a hard on for the royal family because they have supported United States strategic activities in the Middle East and is the wests largest oil supplier. Al-Qaeda is determined to damage western economic interests.

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